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This site is intended for the use of vendors that supply Event Network with products.  If you are having trouble with the website or have questions, please scroll down for further information.

We have completed our transition to our new system. Due to this change, your previously created vendor account may not show your recent orders as it was connected to our legacy system. If you are experiencing this issue, please create a new vendor profile on our vendor website using a current PO that begins with an “EN”, “P”, or “MBG” when entering a PO to confirm. The username, in most cases your email address, can be the same, however the password must be different. Once you have done this, you should be able to view the PO’s you were unable to see prior. Please reach out to your assistant buyer with any questions. Thank you!

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Problems with this Website? (see here)

Most problems with this website fall into three categories:

  1. Failure to "link" your Profile to a specific EN vendor account
  2. Browser Security Settings (blocking communication)
  3. Incompatible Browser (e.g. AOL or Juno)

Category 1: If you are having trouble with creating a new Profile and linking that Profile to an EN vendor account, click on the "Intro To Website" instructions above for further information. Basically, you need a valid EN PO # (just 5 or 6 digits - e.g. 102376) to "link" an account. 

However, we allow only one Profile per Vendor account, so you may find that the desired account is already linked to another employee or rep for your company.  If you know the Login and Password for this Profile, just login and "Edit Profile" to change to your email, password and/or contact information.  If no one in your company knows the login and password, please call your EN Purchasing contact to get this "link" removed - you will then need to create a new Profile and "link" it to your vendor account.

Category 2 or 3: If you get one of the following Error Messages while using this site, your problem probably fits into Category 2 or 3.  Click the link below to read about how to solve your problem:

   "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
   "Syntax error on INSERT INTO statement"
       download Error instructions (MS Word)